Serving Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties in Central Pennsylvania.

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Our Work

In 2014, United Way of the Capital Region embarked on a new strategic vision to create a stronger, more vibrant community. We started by studying the facts and identifying the most pressing needs in our region:

  • Lack of access to health care
  • Disparities in school readiness and achievement
  • Increase in the number of children and families living in poverty
  • Rise in the number of families needing safety net services

At the same time, we listened. We surveyed members of our community, held public meetings and listened to donors’ requests for United Way to make a greater impact in the region. 

Learn more about our strategic vision.

Solutions and Strategies

Last year, we brought together nonbiased experts to create solutions and strategies to address the pressing needs listed above. Moving the needle on these issues will take a new way of work. Businesses, nonprofits, schools, places of worship, government and individuals must work collectively to develop lasting solutions. 

Current and Future Work

Working with our community, we are launching three new pilot projects this year in access to health care, school readiness and workforce development and financial literacy opportunities. All projects will be limited in scope initially, but will grow to serve people in rural, suburban and urban areas.

At the same time we launch our new community initiatives, United Way will continue to support the great work of our program partners. We will remain a community fundraiser and a place where volunteers can connect with local opportunities.

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