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Workforce Development and Financial Literacy

The Issue

The whole community benefits when more working individuals and families are able to find stability. In “Life in the Capital Region: 2014 Assessment of Our Community,” we learned that nine percent of residents in Cumberland County, 11 percent in Perry County and 14 percent of residents in Dauphin County live below the poverty line. 

Solutions and Strategies

Based on this information, United Way of the Capital Region identified children and families living in poverty as a priority issue in and convened an expert community task force to help create potential strategies to address this problem. You can see their findings by reading the full or summary reports from this task force:

Task Force Report on Income

Income Task Force Summary

Pilot Project

United Way of the Capital Region has partnered with the community to launch a pilot project focusing on workforce development. The project helps the un- and underemployed obtain jobs where they earn a living wage.

Learn more by watching our Workforce Development Pilot Project Video.

You can also download our Workforce Development Pilot Project Flyer.

Current and Future Work

You can also learn more about our current and future work in the areas of health, education, income and basic needs by viewing our United for Change piece.

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