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Meet United Way Hand-Raiser Angela Tatum

Meet Angela Tatum, vice president and commercial relationship manager at Riverview Bank and chair of United Way of the Capital Region’s Bridges Society. 

As a donor, advocate and volunteer, Angela credits her success to two key game changers. The first is a love of learning and the dedicated work ethic instilled in her by her parents. The second is an inspirational mentor from her first “real” job, who promised to teach her everything he knew about banking if she was willing to work hard.

The oldest of seven children, you might say that Angela was a natural born leader, and after receiving important guidance and advice through the years from many mentors, Angela now actively seeks opportunities to mentor others and give back in her industry and in the community. She feels strongly about early childhood education, starting with Kindergarten readiness, as well as empowering people through job training and financial literacy education to better their opportunities. Because these objectives are so entwined, she feels passionate about United Way’s new initiatives and pilot projects. 

Learn more about the United Way’s important work in the areas of health, education, income and basic needs.

United Way of the Capital Region’s Bridges Society connects a diverse group of emerging leaders through giving and volunteering. Want to learn more? Visit our Bridges Society webpage.

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